The King's College employment application

For Commencement, January 2023 The Kings College is a vibrant growing PK-12 school of over 680 students located in Wellard, a southern suburb of Perth, Western Australia. The College has […]

How to Increase Your Confidence

Confidence in kids

Confidence is one of the keys to developing mental toughness! Fostering a positive self-view, developing belief in your ability to solve problems, and trusting your instincts are some of the […]

Road to Resilience – Part 2

Road to Resilience

The American Psychological Association defines resilience as the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, or significant sources of stress such as family and relationship problems, serious […]

Road to Resilience – Part 1

Road to resilience

Mental resilience, the ability to adapt to life’s challenges, is not a special trait that people either have or don’t have. Rather, it involves the learning of behaviours, thoughts, and […]

New Primary School

We are very excited to see our plans about to become a reality! A new double-stream Years 1-6 Primary School will commence construction this year. Each year group has a […]

Built to Last

The King's College building

It’s a fact of life that bad things happen, and nobody ever escapes life’s adversities. Despite these stressors and setbacks, humans are adaptable and can develop resilience and capacities to […]

How to Improve Optimism

gifted and talented

There are a few ways to improve your optimism, but one of the best methods is the ABC technique which looks at cognitive distortions (or wrong ways of viewing things) […]

Can Optimism Be Taught?

Our dedicated teachers

“Life inflicts the same setbacks and tragedies on the optimist as on the pessimist, but the optimist weathers them better.” (Seligman, 2006). Learned optimism is about how we interpret the world […]

What is “Learned Optimism”?

In a nutshell, learned optimism is a concept that says we can change our attitude and behaviours towards different things in life by recognizing and challenging our negative self-talk. But […]

The Effects of Stress – Part 2


What happens when we continue “burning the candle at both ends”? We reach physical and emotional exhaustion, and just like the candle itself, we risk burning ourselves out. Have you […]

The Effects of Stress – Part 1

Effects of Stress

By now, most people are probably aware of the psychological consequences of an overly stressed life, including anxiety, depression, anger, and even social withdrawal. Stress can also lead to negative […]

The Benefits of a Growth Mindset


Discover the benefits of a Growth mindset A growth is the understanding that abilities can be developed. Those with a growth mindset believe that they can become even more intelligent […]