Overcoming Negativity Bias

Do you sometimes feel stuck in a negative rut, replaying unpleasant encounters or setbacks you’ve endured? When you read the news, are you drawn to depressing articles? Humans tend to […]

Cognitive Reframing – Part 2

Managing Your Thought Patterns – Part 2 Last week we looked at cognitive reframing and how it can improve our lives and thinking. In this article, we will examine two techniques […]

Cognitive Restructuring – Part 1

Managing Your Thought Patterns Do you ever follow a particular train of thought without consciously deciding to go down that path that has an upsetting ending? It’s in our nature […]

Academic Scholarships

The College offers a small number of academic scholarships to students entering the Year 7 Catalyst: Academic Extension Program. Current Year 6 students from both the College primary school and […]