What is “Learned Optimism”?

In a nutshell, learned optimism is a concept that says we can change our attitude and behaviours towards different things in life by recognizing and challenging our negative self-talk. But […]

The Effects of Stress – Part 2


What happens when we continue “burning the candle at both ends”? We reach physical and emotional exhaustion, and just like the candle itself, we risk burning ourselves out. Have you […]

The Effects of Stress – Part 1

Effects of Stress

By now, most people are probably aware of the psychological consequences of an overly stressed life, including anxiety, depression, anger, and even social withdrawal. Stress can also lead to negative […]

The Benefits of a Growth Mindset


Discover the benefits of a Growth mindset A growth is the understanding that abilities can be developed. Those with a growth mindset believe that they can become even more intelligent […]

UWA Scholarship Winners!

Congratulations to our Scholarship Winners! Congratulations to our 2021 Captains Daniel Ramos and Josiah Villaflor, proud recipients of the UWA Hackett Scholarship. We wish them all the best for the […]