Four Ways to Find Meaning

How can we go about finding meaning in life? The ‘why we are here’ question? First, there is no single solution to living with a clear sense of purpose. Finding meaning is ultimately a personal journey, and it’s about what works for you to help you get where you believe you’re meant to go. 

In his book “Man’s Search for Meaning”, Viktor Frankl wrote that the search for meaning is the primary motivation of life. That meaning is unique and specific to each person and can be fulfilled by them alone. 

Here are some ways that you could discover meaning for your life. 

1. Foster your passions  

Appropriate motivation is vital for helping us get through tedious everyday tasks, but a deep passion is the driving force that compels us to do things that have significance for us. 

Positive passion leads to improved behaviours, optimal functioning and efficient channelling of energy and time. This is what makes our life more than just getting through each day. 

2. Develop social relationships  that increase your sense of belonging 

Making and keeping connections with like-minded people is a reliable way to develop a sense of meaningfulness in our life. Make sure you build relationships where you feel respected and safe. The comradery along the journey makes the ‘climb’ worthwhile. 

3. Be aware of your mood 

Studies have demonstrated a relationship between a positive mood and a sense of meaning. When you’re hopeful, you’ll be more open and ready for the opportunities that bring lasting satisfaction. 

Mood-lifters include – hobbies, reflecting, rewarding yourself, quality sleep, appreciating others, exercise, healthy eating, and prayer. 

4. Take control of your environment.  

Heintzelman and King (2014) suggest that routines, patterns, and time-blocking can contribute to an increased sense of meaningfulness. Have reasonable expectations of your environment and always keep the big picture in mind to keep your vision strong and energy focussed. 

Finding meaning in life is a journey that could start with something as simple as a piece of paper, pen and reflection. It’s working out the person you want to be and the things you want to accomplish and leave behind. Start your journey today. You will be glad you did.