Gifted and Talented

The King’s College recognises gifted and talented students and seeks to work closely with children with high academic or creative abilities to assist them in expressing their full potential. The College offers two Extension Programmes to students in Pre-Primary to Year 6 who are achieving at an academic level in the top range of their year group.

The Ace Programme (Pre-Primary – Year 2) and Newton Programmes (Years 3 – 6) aim to foster creative problem solving and critical thinking skills in selected students at the College who have demonstrated high academic potential. Students will be taught to approach problems analytically and creatively with specific skills and processes, thereby developing academic rigour and attributes that will boost their learning in all their subject areas.

Confidence in kids

In addition, working within a group of similar high ability students can build supportive relationships with other like-minds and reduce the possibility of isolation, which can sometimes occur with students of high ability. Students are given the opportunity to participate in a number of competitions, such as Optiminds, Da Vinci Decathlon and other local competitions.


In rare circumstances, students will be considered for acceleration or grade skipping. This is only considered if a child has a minimum IQ of 140 WISC IV (Cognitive Test conducted by a clinical psychologist) or equivalent, and in consultation with psychologists regarding the emotional readiness of the student. Acceleration will occur on a trial basis only, and the final decision on this matter will rest with the Head of Primary.


If you would like to find out more about our Extension Programmes, please contact our Head of Primary School, Yvette Clifton, at You can also download the Academic Enrichment Policies and Procedures here.

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